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 a home for those who aspire to read and write our world in different ways


Originally founded in Melbourne in 2017, Transmission Press now operates from the beautiful Scenic Rim region of southern Queensland.


We are a small, independent publisher that exists to champion writing and thinking that is truly independent and original. We draw inspiration from literatures from around the world, and hope to provide a home for those who break moulds, eschew convention and aspire to read and write our world in different ways.



By Luke Stegemann

Drawing on his more than 30 years living between Australia and Spain, Stegemann combines documentary research with art history, political analysis, memoir, travelogue and family anecdote to essay a largely unconsidered cultural history.

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November, 2021:

Luke Stegemann's Amnesia Road has won the 2021 Mark & Evette Moran Nib Literary Award.



September, 2021:

Luke Stegemann's second work of non-fiction, Amnesia Road, (NewSouth) was announced winner of the Non-Fiction Book of the Year at the Queensland Literary Awards.









Nov 13, 2018: We are proud to announce Transmission Press author, Luke Stegemann as the inaugural winner of the 2018 Malaspina Award for his important and ongoing contribution to the advancement of the scientific and/or cultural relationships between Spain and Australia. Read more here.

Sept 05, 2018So, I have a confession—come in close: All my stories are love stories. About love and being alone. Searching for who knows what in places I both know and don’t. A journey into the heart, which is embarrassing to say. So let’s say into a ventricle, up an artery, down a capillary. Something has a hold of me and I don’t know what. I don’t know. I measure it in units I don’t know: in quarts, ounces, pints, gallons, drams. A drop, a pinch, a cord, a cup, a hekat... New short fiction by Tristan Foster. Visit Burning House Press here to read more...





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Amnesia Road_front_FINAL.jpg


By Tristan Foster


We are proud to bring you a debut collection from one of the most original new voices in Australian fiction.


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Knox Bertie.jpg


By Tristan Foster

A fascinating conversation between author, Tristan Foster, and photographer, Knox Bertie whose 'dead man' image features on the cover of Foster's debut, Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father. [read more...]


In the review of Tristan Foster's debut, Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father, Daniel Davis Wood of The Collagist writes: "Foster's deft blend of formal playfulness and moral seriousness marks him out clearly as one of [John] Berger's heirs." Read this "stellar review" (to quote TP author, Luke Stegemann) in full, here.


Photograph by Knox Bertie

We are very fortunate to be working with film photographer, Knox Bertie on our second publication, Letter to the Author of the Letter to the Father by Tristan Foster. Knox, originally from Kitchener, near Toronto in Canada, has lived in Sydney since 2003.

Writes Jamie Brisick in his piece about Bertie: "Knox, 39, lives in the present, but his approach to photography is from a bygone era. He shoots almost exclusively film, and processes and prints himself, sometimes making the chemicals himself. “I’m a chemist, so I know that you can make Rodinal with sodium hydroxide and Tylenol,” he told me. He has done plenty of professional work, but he prefers to work on personal projects, without outside influence. His photographic inspiration comes from Ralph Gibson, Ray Metzker, Bruce Davidson, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, and Trent Parke. He writes every morning, and meditates most days. Here is some of Knox’s work, along with highlights from our conversation." [read more...]


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